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Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge – Overused Character Stereotypes

Helpless Female/Damsel in Distress - while I understand why it is used, it is also overdone a lot - as is a Strong Female lead which can actually cause the opposite effect of what it is trying to do. But the helpless female/damsel in distress is clearly overused - especially in old literature and movies… Continue reading Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge – Overused Character Stereotypes

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Top Ten Tuesday – Thankful Freebie

Today's topic for Top Ten Tuesday is Thankful Freebie. I sometimes get a little flustered with the freebie topics because than I have to come up with something on my own. So, for the first time in a long time, I read other's answers to this topic to get some direction on where I wanted… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday – Thankful Freebie

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Music Monday

Because I feel like sharing some music today and remember when Music Monday was a thing in blogging (am I showing my age now?). Also I missed Sunday (that's two so far) in this madness of blogging everyday and I'm not overly stressed about it like I have been before during NaBloPoMo. PS the genres… Continue reading Music Monday