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Writing Let Down

I do this all the time. I get on a kick. I write good and for a long period of time, or because I am doing a challenge like Nation Blog Posting Month in November, and then I fall to the way side and don't write for weeks or months on end. And it's not… Continue reading Writing Let Down

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failed /fāld/ adjective 1.(of an undertaking or a relationship) not achieving its end or not lasting; unsuccessful.2.(of a mechanism) not functioning properly; broken-down. I have failed…At what you might ask? Well, everything. But I have learned in my failure and see that in that failure I can make myself (and others) better. I constantly say I am going to… Continue reading Failed

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Took a look at my Tumblr the other day. I completely forgot I had one. Actually a pretty nifty little spot. Plan is to remember it, not neglect it, and use it more…But WOW! Looking back and some of my older posts from 2010 till now. It was dark. I was in a bad place… Continue reading Tumblr