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LATE: Day 4 – Childhood Favorite(s): 

I was born January of 1980. And although I don't remember much about the first few years of my life; I do remember my toys and the cartoons. The toys and cartoons of my childhood were pretty spectacular and awesome. I often wish you could get the toys we use to have for our kids… Continue reading LATE: Day 4 – Childhood Favorite(s): 

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30 Days of Truth – Day 4-5-6

Day 4: Something you have to forgive someone for. I need to forgive anyone I have hurt.  I know that might sound selfish, and in many ways perhaps it is but there is reasoning behind this. You see when you hurt someone; whether it is done intentionally or not, whether it is done because of… Continue reading 30 Days of Truth – Day 4-5-6