LATE: Day 4 – Childhood Favorite(s): 

I was born January of 1980. And although I don’t remember much about the first few years of my life; I do remember my toys and the cartoons. The toys and cartoons of my childhood were pretty spectacular and awesome. I often wish you could get the toys we use to have for our kids now. Sure there are some of the same like My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake and Transformers (to name a few), they don’t have the magic like the ones from our childhood did. Some of my many favorites included: Popples     My Little Pony     Carebears     Muppet Babies     GI Joe TMNT     Original NES     Girl Talk: Date Line     Caboodles     Polly Pocket     Doug      Fraggle Rock    Rainbow Bright     Strawberry Shortcake     Alf     Thunder Cats     Jem & The Holograms     She-Ra     He-Man


A Few Of My Favorite Things – Florida Edition

A few days ago I posted a list of my favorite things about Texas and the Houston area that I am glad to be going back to. This is a list of things about Florida I am going to miss when we move (not in any particular order):

1. Publix Grocery Stores – Publix subs, Sweet tea, the deli, the bakery
2. Sebring Diner
3. Sundays on the lake
4. My family – my grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles
5. The Blue Lagoon
6. Being able to get anywhere in town in 20 minutes or less
7. Rosario’s – best veal Parmesan any. where.
8. Highlands Hammock State Park
9. My friends – Andi, Suzi, Maynard, Carri, Maggie, Nick, Kayla, Brian, Michelle
10. Becky at the Cinemark movie theater
11. Thai House
12. My gramma’s house
13. Annette at Today’s Creations
14. Florida Beaches
15. Tampa Bay Bucs games – even though I am NOT a Bucs fan
16. Running into people I know everywhere I go
17. The “Small Town” feeling
18. Taking my son to my old high school
19. Trips to Legoland
20. Yanni’s
21. The group I work with at Edward Jones

A Few Of My Favorite Things – Texas Edition

The following is a list of my favorite things about Texas and the Houston area that I am glad to be going back to, things I have missed (in no particular order):

1. HEB Grocery Stores – Honey Jalapeño Rotisserie Chicken – need I say more?
2. Chuy’s – If you have experienced it, you understand.
3. The Woodlands Waterway
4. Market Street
5. Floating the river
6. Trips to Joanie & John’s house
7. The Austin area
8. Reliant Stadium
9. The Galleria
10. The Water Wall
11. Alamo Draft House
12. Kemah Boardwalk
13. Houston Rodeo
14. iTz
15. Sushi Hana
16. Rocco’s
17. Blue bonnets
18. Blue Bell creamery
19. Chappell Hill Sausage
20. Moody Gardens
21. Fredericksburg
22. Spending time with the James family
23. Barton Springs