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Worst Advice I Ever Received

If I think about it there has been a lot of bad advice that I have received, and that I have given myself. But quite possibly the worst advice I ever received came with dealing with my ex, who is also the father of my oldest. I was told for the sake of the child… Continue reading Worst Advice I Ever Received

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Why are we always so confused on what understanding means? Why is it so misconstrued with it comes to meaning. How is is that "understanding" can mean one thing to me but something else to you? Why is it so hard to understand? (see what I did there?) How many times have you said, "I… Continue reading Understanding

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Keeping The Peace

Have you ever censored yourself to keep the peace? I do it a lot, a lot more than I probably should. I do it for the exact reason of keeping the peace. You know pick your battles. Sometimes it's just not worth it. And then, there are those times I should speak up but still… Continue reading Keeping The Peace