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Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Bought/Borrowed Because

This one is hard for me because I don't buy a lot of books as in hard cover - more so I do audio books cause it's easier for me to "read" them and keep up with. So I have a lot of books that are in electronic or audio form because they can be… Continue reading Top Ten Tuesday – Books I Bought/Borrowed Because

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Trivia Queen – Ten Random Facts

It's that time again, some random, useless facts that I keep in this mind of mine. Learning something new can improve your brain as well, so fill your brain up with the same stuff that clutters mine. Your ten random facts for the day are: A giraffe's tongue is so long, it can clean use… Continue reading Trivia Queen – Ten Random Facts

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Happy Tenth Birthday, Alex

Dear Alex, Today you are ten. It seems like such a big number. Ten. A whole decade. Ten. Double digits. 10. You aren’t quite a man, but not quite a child. Ten. I never imagined ten years ago when I birthed you how different my world or the world in general would be.  I found… Continue reading Happy Tenth Birthday, Alex