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This topic is a writing prompt I found here. The prompt: We expected food shortages, oppressive military police, video surveillance, and advanced technology. We were ready for totalitarianism and rigid rules and excessive bureaucracy. This dystopia had none of that instead they used __________, and it was so much worse... I polled people I know,… Continue reading Dystopia

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Why are we always so confused on what understanding means? Why is it so misconstrued with it comes to meaning. How is is that "understanding" can mean one thing to me but something else to you? Why is it so hard to understand? (see what I did there?) How many times have you said, "I… Continue reading Understanding

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I wanted to be "that" mom, "that" person, and I wanted to be "that" wife. I wanted to be "that" one who bought the matching outfits for outings and pictures. "That" one who had everything perfect, time to do everything, house always tidy, laundry done, dinner cooked, a career. "That" one who made others jealous.… Continue reading “That”