World Cancer Day


Today is #WorldCancerDay. Today is a day to do what you can do. Everyone has the power to help reduce the impact of cancer on individuals, families and communities.

I don’t have the financial resources to donate as I wish I could to help with research, or care. But I do have time and I can give that.

One way I have found to help reduce the impact is to help out my sister in law. Sometimes it is as simple as driving her or my mother in law some where they need to go. I have the time, I have the resources to help.

This year I volunteered to be part of American Cancer Society Couture for the Cause Montgomery County.

CC logo

I am proud to be a part of this group, and work with some wonderful people.


We had our Kickoff Party on January 21, 2016 (see more here: and it was a huge success. I cannot thank our sponsors enough for their donations.

Our fantastic host, Mercedes-Benz of The Woodlands.

Our Food & Beverage Donors: All Star Catering, Chef Michael’s Gourmet Kitchen, Crescent Moon Wine Bar, Crisp Woodlands, Cru Wine Bar Woodlands, Custom Caterers, Deer Lake Lodge, Jasper’s Woodlands, MD Bookkeepers, Premier Beverage HWY 105 Conroe, Rebecca Creek/Enchanted Rock, Red Brick Tavern, Sunshine & Sprinkles Cake Pops, Teal Services, The Grand Palace, and The Italian Café.

As well as a very Special Thanks to: Bernhardt Winery – Sponsor raffle, Brockstar Video – Event Videography, Events Plus – Event resources, Impressions by Stacy HarrisJohn Cooper School – Entertainment, Justin & Jeremy Acoustic Duo – Entertainment, MelonHead Photo – Event Photography, Missy Grace Designs – Floral, Panera Bread – Raffle, Benihana – Raffle, Review It Magazine – Step & Repeat, ShutterBooth – Photo Booth, Sign Express – Event Signage, Sunbelt Rentals, Wild Stallion Vineyards – Raffle.

Our main event is still to come on May 7, 2016. We’re bringing the world of high fashion to The Club at Carlton Woods for an exclusive evening featuring the hottest new fashions, signature cocktails/wine/champagne, delicious Italian fare, fabulous entertainment and plenty of surprises! You can also participate in a Kendra Scott jewelry pull, Champagne & Diamonds raffle, handbag raffle or bid on some of our unique Bid Board auction items.

If you would like more information on this event or would like to be a sponsor please see the following: or check out our Facebook page:

we can

So you may be wondering, but what exactly CAN I DO? I am glad you asked. The theme for the next three years of World Cancer Day is “We can. I can”. Please see the following link for more information:

You can also find more information here:

Today, and EVERY day; is for my daddy, my brother, my Uncle Wayne, my sweet cousin Brittany, my sister in law Mendi, and myself. Let today and every day be #ADAYTOUNITE and help us #MakeCancerLastSeason





Well, well…look at that I have already fallen behind on my promise. But who did I promise you, or myself? See, I told you I am not good at this. So I got day 1, 2 and 3 out and then slipped on the rest. So, when I am home tonight I will be posting to catch myself up to today, May 7, and then will try to stay on top of it from there. I honestly want to be better about blogging and writing I just need to make myself find the time to do so. I can use all the excuses, too: work, kids, home, life; but to be honest that is all they are is excuses and there is no reason for them. How does the saying go, excuses are like assholes and everybody’s got one….or wait maybe that opinions but it seems to work both ways.

Late: Day 5 – Your Beliefs

This topic is quite touchy, for the very reason that my beliefs aren’t yours and therefore you might think or feel they are wrong. But the reason we all have different beliefs, likes and opinions is so that the world is different and not boring. So you can learn things and be introduced to new things.

My beliefs are very skewed to many people. There are certain things
beliefs I have that contradict each other, actually though I am quite
simple when it comes down to it.

I was raised Christian, going to church. I was raised by a republican
mother and a democrat father who tended to be more conservative than
he cared to admit. I was raised with a slight military essence to my
dad’s side of things as he was a military man for the majority of his
life. I, for along time, believed everything was black or white because
of this up bringing. Now in no way, shape or form am I saying I was
raised wrong or badly; I just realized there was a lot more to life
than cut and dry.

I think a lot of my views changed when I had my kids. Having kids seems
to do that to a lot of people. I would have told you that I was a Christian Conservative or Republican had you asked me before my kids or
around the time I had Robert (my oldest) in 1997. However, it seems
through the years I have become more Libertarian on issues.

I still consider myself Christian, however I am not big on religion. I
do not go to church, although I feel I should. I try to instill a faith
aspect to my parenting and daily life. Could I use more God? Probably.
Could my children use more God? Probably. Does that make me any less
of a person than anyone else? Not at all.

I often tell people on issues such as abortion, equal marriage, race, etc
the following:

I myself would not have an abortion, does that mean I have the right to
tell you you cannot, I absolutely do not think so. Your body, your choice.
But please don’t try to cram your stand on abortion down my throat, I know
how I feel and nothing you say or do is going to change that.

I don’t feel I have the right to tell you who you can or cannot love regardless
of their color, race, religion or sexual orientation. If you love a person you
should have the right to be with that person and married to that person. I
don’t need to know what goes on behind closed doors. Do you treat each other right and are you loving? Well then by all means, give it a crack like the rest of us. Again, don’t try to make believe what you believe on this issue.

I vaccinate my kids, you don’t. Does that make either of us right or wrong. Depends on what you believe about vaccines. Just because I chose to vaccinate does not make me a bad person or a bad parent. Just because you chose not to vaccinate does not make you a bad person or a bad parent. I have read the arguments of both sides, I made my choice and you made yours. I have seen both sides of the issue (personally) and I still chose to vaccinate, that is my choice. Please don’t try to cram your choice down my throat through.

I believe in God. I believe in faith. I believe in prayer. I am not a big fan of
religion. I have had issues with church that I probably need to get pass. You go to church, great. I do not, great. I live my life the way I feel is best for myself,
my family and my children. Does that make me right? Don’t know. Does that make me wrong? Don’t know. I will find out one day, but today is not that day. I read once the following statement and it is very true to how I feel: I’d rather live my life believing there is a God and die to find out there is not one than live my life believing there is not a God and die to find out there is.

My beliefs are mine, your beliefs are yours. Does having my beliefs make me right and you wrong? No. Does having your beliefs make you right and me wrong? No. So, why treat it that way. Why treat me different because I don’t believe what you do?

Oh, and please for Pete’s sake; stop generalizing all Republicans, all Conservatives, all Democrats, all Liberals, all Christians, all non-Christians, all pro this, all against that, all races, all religions into ONE general group. Just because I say I am a Conservative Christian does not mean I am like every other Conservative Christian. Just like if you are a Liberal does not mean you are like every other Liberal. Just because a certain politician or figure is where they are does not mean I voted for them just because they are whatever they may be. If I don’t agree with you and your beliefs I am not going to put you in a position that will allow you to enforce your beliefs on myself or others. There are things people in my “groups” do that I do not agree with or care to be associated with; just as I am sure the same goes for you. So, please don’t assume because I say I am something that I am a certain way or like another of the same.

We are different for a reason, doesn’t make one of us right and the other wrong, it just makes us different and that is not such a bad thing.

LATE: Day 4 – Childhood Favorite(s): 

I was born January of 1980. And although I don’t remember much about the first few years of my life; I do remember my toys and the cartoons. The toys and cartoons of my childhood were pretty spectacular and awesome. I often wish you could get the toys we use to have for our kids now. Sure there are some of the same like My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake and Transformers (to name a few), they don’t have the magic like the ones from our childhood did. Some of my many favorites included: Popples     My Little Pony     Carebears     Muppet Babies     GI Joe TMNT     Original NES     Girl Talk: Date Line     Caboodles     Polly Pocket     Doug      Fraggle Rock    Rainbow Bright     Strawberry Shortcake     Alf     Thunder Cats     Jem & The Holograms     She-Ra     He-Man

Day 3 – A Failure

This one is kind of hard to write. Not because I don’t have any failures because, I do. Because no one ever wants to admit a failure. Especially in a public format.

As I stated, I have had plenty of failure in my life. Is there one particular that stands out above another, not necessarily. I can think of many that were perhaps worse than another but none that stand out really.

Probably what I would consider a failure that I would change, and that I could change is not finishing college. Now, I need to make it clear that the reason I haven’t finished isn’t because I have failed college. I actually did quite well when I was going. But life has happened. Both times I have tried to return I have had to stop because I have become pregnant during my studies. After I had Alex in 2002, I went back to continue my courses and became pregnant with Sammi who was born in 2006. I just never went back after I had Sammi.

Now don’t get me wrong for one single second. I adore my children, and to me they are a much better achievement than a college degree. However; for my mom who would like me to have one, for my dad who I know wanted me to have one and most of all for myself I would like to have that degree.

Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it now that I am 35, then I hear of 90 year olds going back to school to get their degrees, and I think, “hell yeah it is!” It is just an achievement I would like to have regardless of when I achieve it.

Day 2 – Where You’d Like To Be In 10 Years

Where would you like to be in ten years? I use to answer this question so generically. The way I thought the person asking the question wanted it answered. So if it was interviewing for a job, I would say something like, “still working for XYZ company…blah, blah, blah.”

Sometime in 2011, I started answering it by saying I couldn’t answer it because if life had taught me anything at all it was that you could not say where you would be or what you would be doing. I was very sure of that. At that point, I had moved three times already (from Houston to LA from to Florida) and had done so in about a 5 year period. I really didn’t know where I would be moving every two to two and half years. I wasn’t sure if I’d be anywhere in a year let alone ten years. That did not always go well with people, especially if I was trying to obtain a job with them.

Now that I look at this question a little more, I think it is the meaning of the question that you are supposed to answer and not the question itself. Not the I’d like to be living here and doing this as much as where you see yourself in that time.

So, where I’d like to be in ten years and where I may be in ten years is probably going to be quite different. But that is okay, as that is what life is about.

Where I’d like to be in ten years is content. Just content with life, with where I am living, what I am doing, and who I am as a person. I am not content with a few of those things currently; and honestly I hope I reach that stage of contentment long before ten years. I am not saying I am unhappy with life because that is not the case. There are just a few things I could be more content with than I currently am, and I would hope that in a ten year period I could obtain that contentment and allow myself to be fully happy the way I know I can and should be.