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Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge – Overused Character Stereotypes

Helpless Female/Damsel in Distress – while I understand why it is used, it is also overdone a lot – as is a Strong Female lead which can actually cause the opposite effect of what it is trying to do. But the helpless female/damsel in distress is clearly overused – especially in old literature and movies – and is annoying because most woman are not stupid enough to fall into the traps the damsel usually does.

Brave Hero – brave heroes actually bore me slightly. I prefer the hero you don’t expect. The one that doesn’t seem like he or she or they would be the hero and then they do that one thing that goes against their norm and become the hero even if only for one second.

Movie Star/Rock Star – oh no he/she/they fell in love with a movie star/rock star/prince/princess how TRUE to life that is. *yawn*

Bad Boy – honestly I love the bad boy, but it is seriously over used in writing and film.

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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Weekly Blog Challenge – Overused Character Stereotypes”

  1. I also hate the damsel in distress characters. I kind of want to see this gender bent and have badass chicks saving dudes in distress! Hmmmmm you’ve given me an idea to work with! Great post.


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